You lost your sacred son
True born of whore
Our ritual begun
The blood is dripping from our hands

You came from Bethlehem
Our glorious days to change
Your faith we discard
And slay your bastard son

Now we see
how wet is your face
From tears of blood!
The nails we made
We put in his hands
We pierced his heart!
Miriam sing your lament!
Cry for your son
As we hide the sun!
Ηλί, ηλί, λαμά σαβαχθανί!

We once impaled the Nazarene
Penetrators of his cunt
Mary bled for one more time
She watched the rape of her son

Unholy psalms upon his grave
Necrotic whispers of desperation
Tears blood and goat semen
Miriam’s last lamentation.




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Liturgy of Desecration Athens, Greece

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